Resolve to Accomplish these Goals

Everyone’s posting their 2011 New Year’s Resolutions (or lack thereof).  It occurs to me that I haven’t given my final update on my 2010 goals.

The good news: I met all 5 of my financial goals. Some of these were small (save up for a nice dinner with my parents, contribute a certain amount to charity), some were bigger (involving my emergency fund and student loans), but I reached them all.  New ones have been set for 2011, including a few joint goals as J. and I begin the tricky process of combining our finances in a way that allows us to stay sane but work towards our shared goals together. Also, 2011: the year of LASIK. My vision coverage is now offering a paltry benefit for LASIK, so it’ll happen by the end of the year. Thinking about never having to wear contacts again makes me giddier than I should be. The other good news is that I met my books goal for the year. I think I read 30 or so, which is pretty pathetic, but well more than 2/month.

The bad news: I was one hike away from my goal of 18 hikes! I guess there were some I may have missed, but this one wasn’t really a big deal – I just wanted to remind myself to get out and enjoy this hobby. The Portland area is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to hiking, and I’m really lucky to have so many options at my disposal.  The other bad news is that I was merely 5 yoga sesssions away from achieving my 4 times/week goal.  I could have done it; the holidays got in the way, 100%.  But I really worked hard on this one, and I love the fact that I learned how to maintain a sane and regular home yoga practice.  The key: 20-30 minutes counts!  Studio classes are great, but I’m coming to view them as icing on the cake or a special treat rather than as the primary way I do yoga these days.

Goals for 2011?  Meh.  I want to maintain the yoga one in the year ahead, but other than that I still haven’t zoned in on what I want.  I think learning Spanish is at the top of the list. I’ll ruminate some more.

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One thought on “Resolve to Accomplish these Goals

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