Lemon Cake

For my triumphant return to blogging, I’m going to tell you how that Game of Thrones, while widely-heralded as a landmark television event, has driven a wedge into my relationship with J.  Well, I exaggerate, a little. We don’t have HBO, so he goes over to his friend’s house every Sunday night with a group of 6-7 people and they all watch the show.  He keeps asking me to come to the viewing parties, and/or read the books, and/or watch the show.  I already know that there is no possible way I’ll get into GoT.  I hate fantasy novels, and I hate bad writing, but I repeat myself.  I just can’t get into the genre, and after skimming one of the books it’s pretty clear that many sci-fi/fantasy fans may be willing to overlook bad writing in favor of a great story line. I get that.

That said, I hate dragons and shit. So my Sunday evenings consist of sending him out of the door with dinner in his belly, and then leisurely enjoying some quality bad TV on my own, maybe sipping wine or reading a book. Heaven, in other words.

He mentioned that there’s some reference in the books to a character who loves lemon cakes.  Eager for a baking project, I used this recipe from the Essential New York Times Cookbook, which is just about the lemoniest lemon cake that ever lemoned.  I love lemon desserts and this one is no exception. Try it for your next GoT viewing party and you’ll be the coolest nerd at the nerd party.

One thought on “Lemon Cake

  1. Tom says:

    You are not wrong about GoT. Though I will say: at least _some_ decent fantasy writing exists. I like LoTR, Jonathan Strange is *amazing*, and I have a soft spot for the admittedly trashy Kingkiller series.

    But yes, in general the bar is almost impossibly low for this genre. Is there some fancy-pants respectable version of it, like “speculative fiction” for sci fi? Some place where a dragon-obsessed Margaret Atwood hangs out? If so, I would like to know.

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