Can’t believe I forgot to post this:

The Flaming Lips came to town, as they do, and via the @waynecoyne twitter feed I found out he was going to be at our local records emporium to sign stuff and chat, and also to release the 6-Hour Song for the first time.

I happened to get out of work early that day, so I headed down and stood in line. The man is extremely friendly, to the point where he’ll chat with you for 5 or more minutes after doing the obligatory signatures and photo snaps.  This is endearing but no so much for those further back in line.  I was one of the last three people to meet him before he had to go to the Keller for the show. I bought this (beautiful, by the way — each LP was pressed on different-colored vinyl so no two are the same…mine is a turquoise green), got it signed after spelling my name two/three times (happens), got this photo, and went on my way. He said I was so efficient about the whole thing, which I was, because I had stood in line for two hours and needed to get home before I headed back downtown for the show. The people behind me were grateful for me speeding myself through. He really is the sweetest, most genuine guy.

I don’t even own a record player!

The show was also great, my seventh time to see them. This time featured a Dark Side of the Moon cover and interesting things with lasers that I’ve never seen them do before.  I also note that Wayne has stopped playing Taps on the bugle as part of the setlist, which they’ve done since the Iraq War started, so…if we judge by the Flaming Lips Protocol, I think the wars are over?

So that was a good day.

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One thought on “Waynestock

  1. Chuck says:

    Dude, that photo is great (even if it is a little blurry). Both of you are wearing really nice smiles as if you’re each thrilled to be in the photo with the other one. Great shot!

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