No, not me. But the authors of two of the Big Fancy Blogs I read regularly, Get Rich Slowly and Dooce, announced this week that they are either divorcing (in the case of J.D. Roth from GRS) or trial-separating (in the case of Heather Armstrong from Dooce) their spouses. I was actually a little surprised at how emotional my reactions to both announcements were, but I guess I shouldn’t be. Reading someone’s personal blog for years doesn’t mean you know the person as a friend, but you do feel like you know¬†at least some piece of them based on the way they recount their life.

So here I was reading these posts and getting a little upset, and it makes me want to pull my husband a little closer. We’d all like to think we’re immune, I guess.

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3 thoughts on “Divorce-Blogging

  1. fallibilist says:

    Having not been divorced makes me feel superior to other people I know. Some people would say the fact that I’ve never been married lessens the achievement but I pay them no mind.

  2. I understand how you feel. I’ve been out of the loop but just found out about JD’s divorce. It feels like a betrayal, and hypocritical, for someone who succeeded by writing (and presumably practicing) common sense financial advice when it didn’t help keep their marriage together. What’s the point?

    I was also let down that JD concealed for three years the fact that he had sold his blog. It seems disingenuous. I’m happy for his success, but to hide it from his readers (many of whom assumed that he was operating under the same financial circumstances as they) just doesn’t seem right somehow.

    Ironically, perhaps JD and Kris would still be together if not for the success of GRS, if for nothing else than needing each other’s financial contribution to maintain their lifestyle. When you have options via fame & fortune, suddenly the grass seems greener on the other side, and you’re not likely to feel like you have to “suck it up” through the trying times.

    Sad, very sad.

  3. Slick says:

    Hi, once upon in my life I met a girl in a pet shop and from there a wonderful friendship started and eventually we ended it up in front of the altar and became not jut friends, but sweet as it may be the in betweens of the story the end is still a heart breaking divorce.. I can really relate to how you feel, in these kind of situation, time is our best friend.. It helps us heal..

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