House Non-Blogging

Remember this? Well. After a disastrous couple of weeks, we’re throwing in the towel. Basically, we did everything absolutely backwards. Like this:

  1. We told our roommate we were putting the house up for rent and she needed to move out by March 1. I can’t even begin to put the ensuing drama into words. ¬†Apparently, giving her 2 months’ notice, finding her a possible new place to live (with a friend of ours), giving her back her security deposit AND letting her live here free for the month of February wasn’t enough. After a lot of uncomfortable confrontations where she tried to guilt-trip us into giving her large piles of money for her inconvenience, she’s finally moved out except for a few things. Before this, she was literally the sweetest and most wonderful roommate we could have asked for. BTW, she wasn’t on a lease, so we didn’t do anything wrong here. Lesson: moving brings out the ugly in all of us.
  2. Then we found a wonderful home to rent in North Portland. It’s small but well-maintained, walking distance to the Max, had a wood-burning fireplace and hardwoods, and even had a lovely backyard with a cherry tree, berry bushes and raised garden beds. The perfect Portland house. We told the lovely couple renting it we were a lock to sign a lease. Fast forward to…
  3. We put an ad up for our current place that got, oh, 3 responses, 2 of whom scheduled a time to see it and then didn’t show, and a third that for reasons best left unblogged made us very uncomfortable renting to her. We panicked, pulled the ad down, and decided we have to stay put for a few more months while we determine if we can even get a decent renter in our area. We told the lovely Portland couple that we couldn’t rent their house.

There’s even more to this saga but I can’t bring myself to type out the bullshit minutia. On the plus side, we cleaned out a TON of shit and sold/donated/trashed it, plus our house is as clean as it’s even been. And who knows? Maybe Obama’s new refinancing proposal for underwater homeowners will pass and let J. refinance at as better rate (Note, it will not).


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