The Winner Is

It’s a girl! I don’t think I’ve had a shred of womanly intuition in all my life, but I was right about this one, dammit. Now that we know, I no longer have to lie and pretend like we didn’t have a preference. We did, and that was to have a girl, and now we’re having a girl, so: win! I’m not sure why I wanted a girl so badly. Maybe it’s because I have a pretty kick-ass girl’s name picked out. Maybe it’s because I like the concept of older sister/younger brother better than the reverse. Maybe I just want to have the opportunity to raise a girl as objectively awesome as I’ve turned out to be?

Whatever the reason, it was a joy finding out and getting to see the little bug kicking and rolling and generally being very active and show-off-y for the ultrasound tech. We don’t hear from the physician reading the scan for a few days (I’m guessing), but everything seemed to be healthy and fine, knock on wood.

Getting a close-up on the beating heart was the best part. That, and the hiccups the poor thing had when we started the exam. Apparently Diet Dr. Pepper doesn’t agree with her. Sorry, kid, you’re part-Texan, so you’ll just have to get used to it.

Grainy, indecipherable ultrasound photos after the jump:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first is the whole shebang, the second (left) purports to show that she’s a girl (I don’t see it), second (right) shows her feet, and the last photo shows her yawning.

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