I am now 23 (actually 23.5) weeks into this pregnancy. I have not gained a single pound. That sounds ridiculous, but my midwife assures me that, due to my starting weight, it would be totally kosher if I didn’t gain any weight this entire pregnancy. It would also be fine if I gained a moderate amount.  I’m eating fine and getting my RDA of ice cream, so I see no need to worry. Anyway, with that as context, it’s only in the past 3 weeks or so that my body has started morphing into an entirely new shape. Since weight is not being added, it’s being redistributed. From where exactly is unclear, but it’s all going to the belly. If you saw me on the street you wouldn’t necessarily immediately peg me as pregnant, but yeah, I’m starting to grow outward, and my new center of gravity has me feeling a lot like Grimace.

Related, there is a Wikipedia page about the cast of characters in McDonald’s old “McDonaldland” marketing campaign and it is delightful.

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