Oh, man. Where to begin. We moved! We were doing the Craigslist search and becoming more and more despondent after seeing a few outright crappy places and not getting selected for a duplex that was pretty amazing (we were, apparently, the second couple to fill out an application). To cut to the chase, we found a great place that I went to look at on my lunch break, and I loved it so much I offered to put down a deposit on the spot. The landlord is a good-looking ER doctor who has so far been incredibly responsive, even communicating with us about a locksmith while he was camping somewhere far away.

His priority was to get someone in the sooner the better, so we went for it and moved in last weekend. It’s a 2BR/2BA half of a duplex in the North Tabor neighborhood, and despite discovering a handful of its quirks over the past week, I goddamn love it. Hardwood floors, huge (1700 sq ft, just for us!), tons of storage, a nice finished basement, garage, windows everywhere – just perfect. And in a great, safe neighborhood (albeit facing busy Burnside St. We’re getting used to the traffic noise but it’s not the end of the world). My commute to work has been cut in half in the morning and cut by two-thirds on the way home. It’s close to everything that matters: I-84, 82nd Ave for the best in Asian cuisine, Mount Tabor, Laurelhurst Park, my old hood, and more.

Our moving experience was a comedy of errors but it all worked out. Pro-tip: Moving while 6 months pregnant on the hottest weekend of the year is NOT ADVISABLE. But we did what we had to do. At this point we’re all settled in with the exception of getting rid of all the boxes and getting a few pieces of furniture to round out the place.

A day or so after we moved, J. went back to the other house to pick up some stuff we had left. A neighbor had seen a moving truck in front of the Bad Neighbor’s house, and for a hot second it appeared they had moved out. But, haha, no, that would make too much sense. As it turned out, another person of ill-repute was moving in. Strangely, it seems we’ve found a renter for our place, a woman who has been renting a townhouse a few down from ours that is being foreclosed on, and she wants to stay in the neighborhood so her kids can remain in their school. She knows about Bad Neighbor but seems willing to overlook that, which is her choice, I guess.

In any case, we moved, we’re back in Portland, our living situation is no longer bleak and unstable!

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