Hi. Welcome to the ‘Dredge Report, a mostly-neglected blog.

I am 30. I’m married. I have a daughter. I live in Portland, OR.

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  1. Michael Silliman says:

    The neighbor’s cat has recently adopted a regimen of cruising the car port around 4:30am and hopping from car to car, resulting in their alarms beep-booping incessantly. The owners used to begrudgingly get up, hang over the railing with their remotes and reset the alarms, but perhaps they tired of the whole affair and now have taken to just letting their cars howl away unattended until the alarms reset. It’s infuriating.

    This unavoidable exercise in urban “living” has manifested my new regimen of getting up, making some coffee in the Gelvia monstrosity I inherited from the crazy woman next door who won it in a raffle and discovered it was too big to fit under her kitchen counter, rustle up some scrambled eggs and mystery meat snausages, and spend the remainder of the early morning waiting for the sun to come up by surfing the tubes of the internets in a completely serendipitous manner. I hang my head in shame by confessing to you that I regularly lurk at a lefty blog called The Drudge Retort, where double-digit IQd rejects from fright-winger blogs drop in to throw poop and squeak about “libtards” and get their birther/bagger ya-yas out. After a while, because it is a real target-rich environment if one enjoys the delicious glee of bludgeoning them with their own Faux News talking points, I can’t help but realize that after a while, I’m just kicking puppies and have taken to discovering where the mysterious list of linked blogs take me.

    The Drudge Retort led me to Poor Man, which I thought was the wacky guy that used to be on UHF stations here in Los Angeles in the ’70s & ’80s whose programming consisted mainly of bikini contests and wet-T-shirt spectacles, packaged like Girls Gone Wild just without all the nudity and tawdry behavior, but Poor Man turned out to be nothing like I expected and a fine example of a well written progressive blog. In an entry about the right’s predictably impotent pot shots at Obama’s “unmanly” throwing of the season’s first baseball, there was a link provided in the text that led me to High Clearing.com, whom the original author described as The David Horowitz of Ex-Libertarians, which intrigued me no end. In that also instantly bookmarked website filled with writing that also didn’t waste my time reading it, I observed your site in his linked site list, and because it was so similar to the Drudge Retort, the original stepping stone of this morning’s journey, it led me to you. Your description of your idyllic Oregon weekend getaway had me mentally packing my car for the journey right up to the point that I began wondering where on earth you picked up the squeezable dill. If I were planning to hunker down in a yurt by the sea without benefit of reliable electricity, I can assure you that exotic seasoning would not have made it into grocery cooler.

    Thank you for a most enjoyable morning.

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