Dog Days of Summer: Not Yet Here

It appears that more than posting things on my blog, I like ignoring it for weeks at a time and then posting a massive disjointed round-up. It also appears that I enjoy Twittering much, much more than a) blogging and b) I originally expected. My Twitter name, fyi, is the same as that of this blog. Unfortunately for a few of you, I’ve instituted a no-family policy on Twitter. Because, we all need a little space.

So! Apparently in Portland, Oregon, spring arrives on May 28th or so. For the handful of days per year that it gets above 80 degrees, I cherish my basement-level living situation, because it stays niiiiiice….and….coooool down here. The other 329 days per year kind of suck, and I’m always cold. But what can you do?

  • Knee update: kind of better! I did physical therapy for something like 5 weeks, once or twice a week, and after the first few I was able to slowly get back into yoga and other activities without too much drama. Honestly, I was of the opinion that physical therapy is glorified personal training, which it kind of is, except that my physical therapist went to graduate school for 3 years, while the trainers at 24 Hour Fitness are generally qualified by virtue of being thin and tan. My guy was pretty good, and despite paying for hour-long sessions of what was essentially really intense lower-body strength training workouts and balance exercises, I think it did the trick. I’ve even gone on a few hikes, nothing too crazy. I doubt it’ll ever be back to 100%, but 95% might be good enough.
  • Most of us need more electropop like we need a hole in our head, but Passion Pit is really as good as everyone had been saying. It spurred pathetic “alone in my room” white girl dancing on the first listen. Now that’s credibility. Hat tip to Jordan for the rec.
  • Blog posts that I’ve enjoyed recently: Sanchez on Sotormayor, Jezebel and Feministe on patients’ experiences with George Tiller, and, well, not a blog, but Kaiser Health News is long-anticipated. Although I guess KHN does have a blog (hi Kate).
  • RV and I went to see Pee Wee’s Big Adventure last weekend at the Baghdad. Similar to Return to Oz, I had no idea that my childhood was spent watching these nonsensical (and oft-scary!) movies. Finally understood, though, that Pee Wee’s Playhouse was all about inculcating America’s youth with notions of gay camp culture, which is awesome.
  • Economy? Still not so great!
  • In the past two weeks, I missed 2 weddings and my 5-year college reunion owing to harsh fiscal realities, and as much as I would have liked to be there…not flying places is kind of nice, I must say.
  • will be the end of me. Or at least my pocketbook.
  • I bought a new computer! Now, if you’re confused by the item two bullets above this one, rest assured that it was super-cheap, almost insultingly cheap. Guess what else? It’s a PC. Guess what else? It’s a desktop! I am Technological Regression. But I have a handful of extremely compelling reasons for going this route, which I won’t bore you with here. It’ll sure be nice to have a hard drive more than 60G again, eh? Imagine, almost 3 years ago, that seemed like Infinity + 1 in terms of space.
  • I’m not one to post on yoga progress a la Catherine, because I don’t generally make that much progress in terms of cool tricks, but I can do a headstand, almost without using the wall! I just need the wall for getting up there, but after that it’s just me, on my head, supported by my forearms. Apparently this is the pose that keeps gurus living until they’re 150, so I’m hopeful. Pretty much all of the coolest yoga poses are trickier for us heavier girls to get, but contra this post, I’ve almost never felt uncomfortable in yoga classes with legions of skinny yoga girls. You’re there for you, they’re there for them, and unlike in an aerobics class, I find looking around not just pointless but distracting.
  • BTW, yoga rules. I know there’s a few of you who continue to resist the Borg, but in a few years it’ll be as mandatory as public calisthenics classes in a totalitarian country, so I’d save yourself the trouble and get going now.

That’s all.

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